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meet amauri

hello hello! my name is ollie amauri

As a University Grad student, Amauri knew there had to be more to life than just every-day work and study. While interested in art, reading, writing, and collaborating within her community, there was still something missing.


And sure enough, she was able to find it in this life-long old hobby of staring up at the stars. With a background of astronomy, over a decade of self-study in astrology, and five years of teaching, Amauri enjoys sharing her own understanding of these cosmic curiosities through her services, written resources, and the various classes/workshops she has taught.

Now with new goals of sharing her discoveries in a centralized place, she aims to give a new perspective of astrology and bring others into her more niche studies (e.g., asteroids, Draconic astrology, profection years, and more)!

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