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Hi hello! An Introduction

Allow me to start off with a raw exclamation of how this year is going for me... *[deep inhale]* what in the world hi hello just wow?!?!? Life is literally so wild and I just *[vague hand motions]*

First off, thank you so much for reading this. It's been a huge dream of mine to create content like this on consistent basis and thoroughly enjoy what I am creating.

It took a long time to figure out what this process and content would look like for me but once I set that vision I couldn't let it go.

If we haven't had a chance to talk yet, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Ollie Amauri and I'm currently a graduate student about to finish up my Masters of Science in Project Management.

My work background has been mostly in the IT/tech field (whoop whoop Bachelors in Cybersecurity), but currently I work in the Medical Procurement field and spend a lot of my free time doing art, reading, writing, collaborating with some spiritual/occult mutuals and friends, or occasionally Twitch streaming~

Busy busy right? Trust me, I'm blinking twice for help and cannot wait to wrap up with school in August!

Pst that's me below hello hello! Lovely to put a face to the content right? I promise you I do look a lot more cozy 95% of the time in a hoodie or sweatpants (Cancer comfort things LOL).

From a spiritual aspect, I come from an extremely culturally mixed, hyper-exposed supernatural, and spiritual background where I saw a lot of entities, spirits, and things I didn't know what to think of or process as a young child.

This kind of put things in a box where I did not want to accept my capabilities and did not pursue a conscious exploration of spirituality until my early teenage years when I actually started becoming more of a serious and dedicated practitioner (roughly 8-10 years ago).

Thus, when it comes to my craft (as a spiritual practitioner), I'm definitely more on the spiritual and study side rather than application and practitioner side. I am absolutely thankful for the background and early life experiences that I had, and I am fortunate to use the various perspectives I grew up with alongside my craft. However, it was a huge struggle to jump back into this world and accept my calling to share this journey and my story.

While I did not understand this (and sometimes still don't), I managed to cling to my studies and now have over a decade of knowledge, research, and study in subjects such as alchemy, astronomy (background of 17+ years), astrology, divination, dream interpretation, and sacred geometry. I also have roughly five years of teaching experience in the subjects above and others like palmistry, energy work, astral work, the Akashic Records, higher self work, and more.

With this in mind, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my own understanding of subjects through my readings, written resources, and the various classes that I have taught over the years. Moreover, this experience has allowed me to to see my clients and students pursue a deeper understanding of their own and it's been amazing to be a part of their journey throughout the years as well.

Overall, I just wanted to start off with a quick introduction before I really started pushing out some super cool content in the works (e.g., reels, videos, email list, more content, and learning opportunities if you're interested in astrology or some other subjects I have experience in).

10/10 look forward to sharing more things with you guys and just having an avenue where I can share some more raw behind the scenes content or even just letting you into my mind with all the creative chaos and projects we have going on ;)

With that, thank you guys so much for reading and I look forward to breaking down some of my Instagram posts, providing some behind the scene/in the mind insights, as well more information to some things we have coming astrologically in April in my next blog posts.

Until then! I'll talk to you soon~

Much love and good vibes 🖤✨

Ollie Amauri

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