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Jupiter Enters Taurus

Week Ahead Forecast:

➤ 05.14.23 - Mercury stations Direct

➤ 05.15.23 - Mars trine Neptune

➤ 05.16.23 - Jupiter enters Taurus

➤ 05.17.23 - Jupiter square Pluto

➤ 05.18.23 - Sun sextile Neptune // Mercury sextile Saturn

➤ 05.19.23 - New Moon in Taurus

➤ 05.20.23 - Mars enters Leo // Mars opposite Pluto

Jupiter Enters Taurus Celestial Snapshot:

Sun 25º Taurus // Moon 19º Aries // Mercury 5º Taurus // Venus 9º Cancer // Mars 27º Cancer // Jupiter 0º Taurus // Saturn 6º Pisces // Uranus 19º Taurus // Neptune 27º Pisces // Pluto Retrograde 0º Aquarius // North Node 3º Taurus // South Node 3º Scorpio


Taurus in mythology, has been referenced and found in many cultures from Egyptian to Ancient Babylon. In Greek mythology, Taurus is associated with the story of Zeus, who transformed into a white bull in order to abduct and seduce the beautiful Europa, daughter Phoenician King Agenor.

Having mingled with her father's herd, Zeus was noticeably the most handsome bull there. As such, he was able to get Europa's attention. Once she sat on his back, Zeus ran for the sea to the island of Crete. Once they had reached the island, he finally revealed his true form and presented Europa with gifts of his affection.

Within astrology, Taurus energy can be associated with stubbornness, unwillingness to change, strong opinions, and at times, domineering. This is often attributed to its aspects of being a Fixed Earth sign, and as such, there is also a sense of enrichment and a set standard present within Taurus as a sign and energy.

Taurus's energy influences Planets to be more stable, reliable, refined, and down-to-earth. As it is Ruled by Venus, Taurus has a strong taste for the finer things in life. As such, when it is interacted with Jupiter, it can emphasize the potential and capacity to build and attract great things. However, this can only occur when goals are set, hard work is completed, and individuals are open to expanding, changing, and shifting towards one's higher purpose.


In mythology, Jupiter is the Roman God of the sky, thunder, and he represented almighty power through his symbolism and reign over all the gods. In ancient Rome, Jupiter was the Roman King of all the gods, the chief of the Roman pantheon, and the protector of ancient Rome. Thus, his full name was Jupiter Optimus Maximus which quite literally means "Jupiter, Best [and] Greatest.

Astronomically, Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is, by far, the largest planet in the solar system. Interestingly enough, Jupiter is more than twice as big as all the other planets combined. Very fitting for the ruler of the sky and all the gods—the best and greatest indeed!

Another interesting fact is that Jupiter has given Earth the opportunity to to become its best and greatest self through expansion and growth. It has done this by means of its powerful gravitational pull, keeping most asteroids and space debris away from the Earth. Without this stronky orbit of gravity keeping the Main Asteroid Belt (consisting of near-Earth asteroids as well as the inner, middle, and outer main belt asteroids), the Hildas Triangle Asteroids, and the Trojans Asteroids (often referred to as Jupiter Trojans and "Greeks" due to their two different clusters) at bay, Earth would most likely have been plummeted and thus uninhabitable for Humans. Through this means of protection, Jupiter has truly contributed to Earth's ability to expand and create an abundance of human life.

Jupiter truly is a planet in which abundance is found. Energetically, Jupiter also speaks to justice and human potential, balancing out human limitations from Saturn. This can be seen through the story of Jupiter killing his father Saturn (Zeus and Kronos/Chronos) in which Saturn, having limited the power of all his children is defeated by Jupiter and brings the abundance of power back for the sake of growth, change, and a new system of society.


As someone with a Natal Jupiter conjunct Saturn, I have always found interest in the balance between one's potential and limitations. Even as we have been approaching this transit, I have been pondering where I am being challenged to shift my energy, be prepared for ripening fruit, or where I must place my responsibility.

My own capacity to complete things with so many objectives already on my plate has been overwhelming. And so, a big lesson for me has been that the maximum potential cannot be brought forth from the things I want unless I make them my priority.

While Jupiter loves to spread us out, we cannot spread ourselves too thin. We must instead, put ourselves first (Taurus energy backing us up with this priority) and take account of where our responsibilities and prospects lie.

As we step into this new energy, be mindful of the blessings and challenges that come your way! Note how character building they are to specific areas of your life and be mindful of your own balance between human limitations and the potential we chase. Through both Jupiter and Saturn energies, we can change what was once potential into something substantial and prosperous by keeping our purpose and necessary structure in mind.


Interested in how this Taurus Jupiter will affect you? Check out where your Natal Jupiter is and consider it's location in respect to Taurus! What houses do your Natal and this transit Jupiter reside in? What interactions are they making? What elements are they in?

Curious on learning more? Consider booking a reading with me! My Polaris, the North Star reading focuses on what your year may look like based on your astrological house Profection Year. If you have a birthday coming up or are going through a Jupiter Return, this clarity can provide you with a new understanding of the blessings coming your way and the most fruitful directions to pursue in your life. Book your reading now!


Stay tuned for more! I'll talk to you soon~

Much love and good vibes 🖤✨

Ollie Amauri

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