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Venus Enters Cancer

Week Ahead Forecast:

➤ 05.07.23 - Venus enters Cancer

➤ 05.09.23 - Sun conjunct Uranus

➤ 05.12.23 - Mercury sextile Saturn // Mercury sextile Venus // Venus trine Saturn

Venus Enters Cancer Celestial Snapshot:

Sun 16º Taurus // Moon 10º Sagittarius // Mercury Retrograde 7º Taurus // Venus 0º Cancer // Mars 22º Cancer // Jupiter 27º Aries // Saturn 5º Pisces // Uranus 18º Taurus // Neptune 26º Pisces // Pluto Retrograde 0º Aquarius // North Node 4º Taurus // South Node 4º Scorpio


Cancer in mythology, is best associated with the giant crab that inhabited the lagoon of Lerna and was sent by Hera to assist the Hydra who was battling Hercules during his twelve labors. Having been crushed by Hercules's heel and thus killed, the Crab was rewarded by Hera and turned into the constellation of Cancer.

Through the perspective of this myth, we can begin to understand the bold Cancerian approach. Yet, there is a side of delicacy present and frustration best displayed when in a state of instability as the Crab was not strong enough to defeat Hercules but determined to the end.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign in which many ebbs and flows are present. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is best represented by this luminary in that while it has a hard outer shell, it is still a living breathing creature with a soft inner meat. With the rising and sinking tides, there is continuous movement through the phases of emotions and sensitivities.

Cancer's energy influences Planets to be more emotional, nurturing, and intuitive. When interacting with Venus, it becomes more vulnerable, empathetic, and sensitive, in which it begins to desires comfort, stability, and to be welcomed home.


In mythology, Venus is the Roman Goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, and prosperity. Before the existence of Pallas/Athena, Venus was considered a goddess of victory, strategy, and war (Venus Victrix). In this, she joins Mars and balances all aspects of actionable passions and blurs the lines between expectations.

This can even be seen in Spartan traditions where Aphrodite was revered as their goddess of war and during marriage ceremonies and Aphrodite celebrations, men and women would dress as the other sex and thus would often be confident and showy in their naked bodies.

Astronomically, Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is Earth’s closest planetary neighbor. Venus is also one of the four inner, terrestrial (or rocky) planets, and is often called Earth’s twin because it is similar in size and density.

Due to its proximity to the Sun and Earth, Venus is the brightest planet that we can see as it outshines all the stars. From an astrological perspective, this proximity can can point to the importance of affection, love, and sentimentality within one's life as the Sun represents one's self and identity whereas the Earth represents one's roots, foundation, and core.

Venus is a planet that pulls at us energetically to help us expressing love and appreciating what we value. Thus, our Natal Venus can reflect relationships desired, motivations, views of love, and how personal values are protected.


As someone with a Natal Cancer Venus, this placement has come with many blessings and challenges. While it has given me a soft caring approach with love, it has also manifested in a way that leaves me blinded and vulnerable to harm's way. Even though I can be bold and protective of others when they are in danger (e.g., the Crab coming to the Hydra's defense), there is a lack of self protection and priority when self is the target.

One thing that I have noticed with this placement is that the capacity for unconditional love is an absolute blessing yet concern. This is because such unconditionality can lead to forgiving even when it is not deserved. Moreover, it can also point to untempered sentimentality and emotional instability when various needs are not met.

In a healthy circumstance, a Cancer Venus brings emotional intelligence, empathic nurturing, and the comforts of home to family, friends, and romantic relationships. As an adult, I have noticed that with each Venus Return I have had, my expectations and stability in my emotions and love has become stronger and more developed.

As my Venus is in my first house and tightly conjunct my Mercury, I absolutely associate it with my fondness for the arts in regards to creative endeavors, reading, writing, and music. These interests have become enveloped within my identity and become a burning source of inspiration. Thus, I cannot help but get lost in these interests when in need of musing, pleasure, and comfort.


Interested in how this Cancer Venus will affect you? Check out where your Natal Venus is and consider it's location in respect to Cancer! What houses do your Natal and this transit Venus reside in? What interactions are they making? What elements are they in?

Curious on learning more? Consider booking a reading with me! My Lone Lover reading focuses on major aspects within your own chart and analyzes your own views and cravings within a relationship. With the focus on Moon, Mercury, Venus, and love asteroids like Juno, Eros, and Psyche, I will help bring light to your emotions, communications, desires, commitments, and possible fated connections. Book your reading now!


Stay tuned for more! I'll talk to you soon~

Much love and good vibes 🖤✨

Ollie Amauri

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