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1 / general

  • AstroMatrix: a wonderful tool to better understand your astrology chart and it's application to your daily life

  • Literal: great for keeping track of books and being apart of various reading communities and clubs

2 / organization
  • Figma: a personal go-to when creating a visual aid or drafting a UX/UI graphic design for projects—very lovely when needing to make a vision board, diagram, and so much more to thoroughly sort one's thoughts

  • Mindlist: useful for breaking down various task lists into different categories and schedules to be completed

  • Notion: my absolute lifesaver when it comes to anything and everything that I do (templates soon to come)

3 / writing
  • Pinterest: absolutely amazing for creating story and mood boards, and figure out the vibes of each character/project

  • Reedsy: a tool that makes the writing, editing, and publishing processes for books easy and user-friendly

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